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Oztrail is one of South Africa’s leading manufacturers in top quality camping and outdoor adventure equipment. They stock everything you could possibly need to gear you up for your camping adventure, and as an official agent of Oztrail South Africa, Camp and Climb is your one-stop-shop for all of these high-quality products. Some of the most popular Oztrail camping items we stock include camping couches, sleeping bags, tents, camping chairs, camping beds, solar showers, cooking utensils, and camping tables, just to name a few. They also stock accessories for anything and everything, from lanterns to extension poles.

Oztrail South Africa produces some of the best camping gear in the country; highly durable yet lightweight and portable, Oztrail gear is easy to set up and take down so you can keep every moment of your camping adventure simple and hassle-free. Browse our extensive range of Oztrail camping gear to get yourself fully kitted out for your big trip; Oztrail offers the ideal camping gear no matter the adventure, be it glamping luxuriously in the great outdoors, or roughing through the wilderness on a backpacking expedition. Whatever you choose, Camp and Climb will deliver your gear to wherever you are in South Africa.

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