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Established in 1985 Highlander is a renowned manufacturer of quality outdoor clothing and camping equipment.

Highlander's wide range of hiking gear, also available at Camp and Climb online store, includes sturdy daypacks, haversacks, backpacks and rucksacks, essential camping accessories, sleeping bags and tents, first aid kits, lighting, cooking and eating utensils, just to mention few - everything that all hiking, bushcraft and travel enthusiasts would possibly need while on the trail.

A passion for adventure and the outdoors is at the core of Highlander. Founded 30 years ago in Edinburgh, Scotland utilising the Scottish Highlands and Islands as the perfect terrain to manufacture the toughest products that never lose any level of performance.

With Scotland as their playground, the Highlander design team regularly tests their products in extreme weather and develop their products with refinement so that they could offer premium Highlander Outdoor gear for the most competitive prices.

Over the years Highlander have established a wide range of Highlander Outdoor Gear and Highlander Pro-Force Products from Highlander Footwear, Highlander Rucksacks, Highlander Survival Equipment and Highlander ProForce Military Gear all made to exceptional standards and even custom manufacture every product to specific specifications to meet the needs of Military and Tactical Forces and Emergency Services across the globe. Starting with a mission to make the most durable gear at the cheapest prices to unrivalled versatility in crafting exceptional Outdoor Products you can buy.

The Highlander Outdoor philosophy is that all of its products must have one common essential attribute, that they must “perform their task exceptionally well, as well as truly doing the job it was designed for without any loss of performance.”

As an approved Highlander dealer, Camp and Climb offers a great range of all the most popular Highlander camping equipment for you to consider.

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