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Automotive Accessories

Vehicles can be your best companion when you’re out camping or trekking in the great outdoors. They get you over rough terrain, ferry you and all your gear across great distances, and can even make up a kind of shelter, especially with a vehicle or trailer tent. As great as vehicles are, they come with their own requirements, with accessories and necessities to keep your car fully operational, while other accessories can be used with your car for a breezier camping experience.

Camp and Climb stocks an extensive range of automotive accessories for camping vehicles. From caravan clip-on mirrors to help you see further behind you, to hairdryers that can be plugged into cigarette lighters for convenience, there’s all manner of nice-to-haves and absolute essentials. Should disaster strike and you have a puncture or a breakdown, we have tyre repair kits, air compressors, and even battery chargers. Our gear comes from well trusted international and proudly local brands, and goes through a strict quality control process before they end up on our shelves. Our brands include Tentco, Kampa, Highlander, Addis, Zartek and more.

Take a look at our outdoor automotive range to find the perfect camping vehicles accessories and emergency kits for you.

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