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Camping Tools

The last thing you need while camping is to find you’re missing an essential tool, or a problem has arisen that you didn’t quite prepare for. Camping tools are there, quite simply, to make your life easier, ready for any problem that might rear its ugly head. You’d much rather have a shovel handy to bury your biodegradable waste than have to keep it with you right up until you leave, and a machete would make quick work of foliage encroaching on your campsite rather than having to pack up and leave.

At Camp and Climb, we’ve catered to every possible scenario by stocking an extensive range of camping tools and equipment you could need to tackle a problem in the great outdoors. Think heavy-duty camping shovels, or sharp, sturdy blades and machetes to make quick work vegetation. Or even more importantly, a pair of hardy camping scissors is one of the first things you’ll miss on a camping trip if you were to leave it behind. A hatchet or foldable saw can also do wonders to help you gather your own firewood, perfect for those looking for a more rugged outdoor experience. 

We stock only the best brands for camping tools, such as Coghlans and Oztrail. Take a look at our online range to find the right tool for you.

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