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There are as many reasons to invest in a pack as there are packs and bags to choose from! No matter the scenario, bags come in handy both at home and out on a camping adventure, proving versatile and convenient. Bags come in all shapes and sizes, with different features and benefits unique to them. Dry bag: As the name suggests, use this to keep your equipment dry. You can either place a bag inside it or simply store your gear. It’s perfect for hiking, adventuring and water sports. Utility bag: Ever had a sleeping bag or tent bag tear? Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world. Just replace it with a utility bag, the best way to keep all your equipment organized. Duffle/kit Bag: You can store all manner of supplies and equipment in these heavy-duty bags, though they’re best suited for supplies and clothing Daypack/Rucksack: Specifically designed for hiking, these bags wrap around your middle to keep them secure and distribute weight evenly along your back. The many pouches are perfect for carrying all your gear, and other camping equipment can be strapped onto the outside. Check out the range of packs and bags you can find in Camp and Climb’s outdoor travel gear range, from big name brands such as Highlander, Coghlan, Tentco and Oztrail.
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