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After a full day of adventuring and other fun-filled camping activities in nature, you’re going to want your sleeping arrangement to be as comfortable as it is at home, in your own bed. That’s certainly not going to happen on the cold, hard ground, and without the right sleeping gear you’re bound for an uncomfortable sleepless night, and some very sore limbs when you get up. Sleeping on the ground is also incredibly cold, as it gets rather chilly in the outdoors at night even in the peak of summer.

Lucky for you, there’s a vast repertoire of camp sleeping gear out there, and we stock an extensive range of mattresses and sleeping bags from some of the top brands in South Africa, such as Oztrail, Tentco, Therm-a-Rest, Highlander, and more! Pair your sleeping bag with a camping mattress, stretcher or hammock for the ultimate camping comfort and a much needed nights sleep, and with the right accessories like blankets, pillows and air pumps, you’ll be fully equipped to stay comfortable no matter the weather

Browse our extensive selection of sleeping gear and sleep accessories to complete your ideal camping setup. Whether you’re glamping it up in luxury, spending a lazy weekend away camping, or trekking it through the wilderness with as little as you can carry, Camp and Climb have the camping equipment for you.

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