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At Camp and Climb, we’re fully stocked and prepared to provide you with the widest selection of camping tents available, from both local and internationally renowned camping brands. Your tent is your shelter, your home, your personal space during your camping trip, and thus should accommodate you in every way, from your space requirements to the type of trip you’re on. 

Two-man tents are perfect for the lone camper, or couples on weekend away camping trips with little fuss, while deluxe tents are great for groups of glampers or families camping together. Bivy tents are perfect for hikers and backpackers trying to take up as little space as possible, while pop up tents are for effortless camping trips and quick setups. We stock tents in varying sizes, from 1 man tents to 8 man tents.

Your tent should be strong and durable, crafted from rip-resistant, waterproof, UV, rot and mildew resistant material to protect it from the elements and ensure your tent lasts for years. A sturdy steel frame also keeps it from bending/bowing too far, and strong guy ropes keep your tent secure no matter how harsh the weather. We also stock extensions and awnings to add more space to your living area!

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