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Whether you’re camping in the great outdoors, hosting events, or simply enjoying a day out in the sun wherever you are, outdoor gazebos provide some much welcome shade and shelter from the elements, as well as a general seating area for friends and family to gather. A camping gazebo goes a long way to turning a campsite into a home, no matter the size, and provides the little ones with essential shade on those trademark African summer days. Protecting yourself and family from sunburn is of utmost priority, as sunburn is not just painful, but it has a long healing process and increases your chances of skin cancer.

Gazebos come in all manner of shapes and sizes, from the standard 3×3 gazebo to the canvas gazebo, the event shelter to the gazebo with sides, creating an enclosed space. Some gazebos can have side and end walls attached to them to create a closed space that can function as a seating area or place to rest.

Whatever your requirements are, we stock an array of outdoor gazebos to outfit our customers with the best camping shading solutions, no matter their budget. A camping gazebo is a worthy investment, especially if used often, and with our gazebos all falling under the Tentco, Coleman and Oztrail brands, you can be rest assured that you’re purchasing gazebos of the highest quality.

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