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You’re going to want shelter on your camping adventure, and unless you’re looking at making your own rudimentary shelter or planning to sleep beneath the stars, you’re going to want to bring a camping tent along with you. Tents provide shelter from the elements and the wildlife, with the added benefit of storage and a place of comfort and privacy. You’re more likely to have a peaceful night’s sleep in a tent, at the very least.

At Camp and Climb, we know that all tents aren’t created equal, and there’s no one size fits all when it comes to camping! Your tent should fit your needs, the size of your group, your location, and the type of camping trip you’re on. A backpacker won’t opt for a 10 man deluxe tent same as a glamper won’t much like a one-man bivy tent. That’s why we stock an extensive collection of tents and camping equipment to meet every occasion; our collection includes Tentco Tents, Oztrail Tents, Coleman Tents, and First Ascent tents. You’ll find everything from deluxe sleeping cabins to single man tents, ensuite tents to rooftop tents, to awnings and sidewalls with every other accessory you could need for a hitch-free camping experience.

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