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Trekking Poles

We all need a little helping hand sometimes, someone to lean on when times get tough. For all manner of reasons, from your fitness levels to the difficulty of your route, you could very well use the help while hiking. That’s where trekking poles & hiking gear comes in, the perfect trail companion while you’re hiking. One of the most versatile pieces of hiking gear, trekking poles have a number of uses and benefits.

They provide support: If your level of fitness or sense of balance leaves much to be desired, trekking poles prove useful for helping you stay on your feet. And with the support of a hiking pole, you can take some of the weight off. 

They can be used against the elements: You can use your trekking pole to help push aside bushes and branches should you be hiking along overgrown trails or hiking off-trail. When you find yourself in wet conditions, they can help you retain your balance on slippery surfaces.

They provide a brace and leverage: When hiking down a slope, you can dig the trekking pole into the ground to brace yourself as you move downwards, creating an anchor. The same can be said for climbing, creating a handhold you can pull yourself up with.

Check out Camp and Climb’s outdoor range of trekking poles from some of the top adventure brands on the market, such as Highlander, Black Diamond, and First Ascent.

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