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Belay Devices and Climbing Descenders

While you’re belaying, the last thing you want is to lose control of your descent. Falling is on no climbers agenda, and that means investing in the right equipment to not only slow your descent but catch you during a belay. To clarify, the practice of belaying involves the controlled technique or releasing tension on the rope to allow the climber to fall a short distance, allowing for quick descents. The person controlling the descent is referred to as the belayer, and they can make use of belay descenders to help manage their duties with minimal physical effort, and act as friction devices to stop a fall. Belay descenders also make it easier for even a weaker climber to control the descent of a heavier person.

The importance of these devices means you’ll almost certainly want to invest in something sturdy and durable, able to protect you no matter the weight or severity of your climb. We put safety and quality first at Camp and Climb, and thus only stock the best, most extensive range of belay descenders from Petzl and Black Diamond, two highly renowned climbing equipment brands. Feel free to check out our range to find the climbing gear for you.


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