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Chalk + Chalk Bags

The last place you want to lose your grip is up in the air, dangling perilously high above the ground. Even the toughest, strongest hands get sweaty during the climb, and even the smallest amount of moisture can make it substantially harder to grip those handholds or work with your equipment. Those kinds of technical difficulties are the last thing you need on your journey to the top.

This is where climbing chalk comes in handy. Climbing chalk and chalk bags should make up a part of anyone’s equipment regardless of their proficiency or experience; all climbers know that accidents can happen to anyone and everyone.

Chalk bags are the best way to store your chalk, as they can be clipped into carabiners on your harness to keep it in easy reaching distance as you climb. The chalk itself even comes in different consistencies for your convenience, such bags of powdered chalk, chalk balls to minimize dust, chalk blocks to be broken down, and even liquid chalk. Liquid chalk dries out within seconds of applications and keeps your hands dry for long periods of time.

Camp and Climb’s outdoor range features an extensive collection of chalk and chalk bags from renowned climbing brands like Petzl, Singing Rock, and Black Diamond, stocking only the best to give you peace of mind. Browse our range to find the chalk and accompanying back that best matches your preferences, and gear up for your next climb!

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