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When you’re dangling up in the air, you’re going to want your climbing ropes to work with you, not against you! Climbers take their equipment very seriously, and rightfully so! The type of rope and how it’s been treated/constructed can drastically affect its handling, durability, grip, lifespan and strength. At Camp and Climb we stock a collection of the ropes for gym, adventure sport climbing, competitive sport climbing, and extreme outdoor adventure climbing.

There’s a lot to consider when you’re looking at climbing rope. How does it feel, is it too soft? Too stiff? What’s the weight on it, and what weight do you like the most? Will it be durable enough for the type of climbing you do and the environment you do it in and is it treated to be dry and water-resistant? The treatment of the rope will also affect how it drags on surfaces as you climb – ideally, a rope shouldn’t catch on the climbing surface, and shouldn’t fray or damage from even the roughest rocky surface. A middle mark is also important for making manoeuvres as you climb, and you’re going to want that middle mark to not fade or wear at all.

Check out our collection of climbing ropes to find the perfect rope for you, with the most optimal feel and handling. Our Petzl ropes are some of the best climbing ropes you’ll find on the market.

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