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Climbing Harnesses

Your harness is your best friend when you’re climbing, no matter the profession or area of climbing. Be it sport, rescue, mountain climbing, tree and rock climbing, tree felling, and other industrial practices, you’re going to need to remain secure as you suspend yourself high above the ground. We put a lot of faith into our climbing harnesses, and no one wants to trust blindly.

Thus, at Camp and Climb we offer an extensive range of adjustable climbing harnesses, in a wide variety of colours, sizes and price ranges. We even stock kids variants, to keep younger climbers safe as they take up this exhilarating and daring sport. Some harnesses are unisex, while others are designed for men or women respectively for ultimate comfort as well as security. Some harnesses are full-body for even more stringent security measures, for rescue, mountaineering and glacial travel.

For your security and peace of mind, we stock only the best in climbing gear. Hence we get our range of harnesses from the world-renowned brands Black Diamond and Petzl, two leaders in the climbing gear industry. So take a look at our collection and find the right climbing harness for you, from the size right down to the colour of your choice.

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