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Greenhorn and veteran climbers alike should know the importance of keeping an arsenal of quality climbing equipment. It’s an adventure sport for both the indoors and outdoors that should be taken seriously, involving as much risk as it does reward. There’s a great deal of preparation and gear involved in climbing, and we’re proud to offer climbers a one-stop-shop for climbing gear, stocking everything you could need to make your climb a success.

You’ll find our Camp and Climb online camping and hiking store more than capable of supplying you with quality climbing gear, stocked for every occasion. You’ll find climbing ropes of varying type, thickness and length, and climbing anchors and carabiners to keep you secure. We also offer slacklines for tricks, slacklining and acrobatics, and climbing wall grips to make your own climbing course.

For your safety we also stock climbing wear, such as climbing helmets and friction soled shoes to give you ample grip. Don’t forget your chalk and chalk bag to keep your hands dry and ready to grip the rope, and all importantly, you’re going to need a harness as well. Browse our collection of climbing gear online to find the perfect equipment to match your climbing style, environment, and skill level.

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